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​  Simone Dib is a Brazilian photographer based in Santa Monica, CA.
As a child, Simone was fascinated by magazines. The photographs captured her imagination, and she would spend hours looking at the details and wondering how they were created.

When she got a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and began working in a small newspaper in Sao Paulo's countryside, she didn't know that she would find it more fun to photograph the images to illustrate the articles rather than write them. That's how her path with photography began in 2010.
Simone went on to get a graduate degree in Cinema, Video & Photography. In search of understanding her identity as a photographer, she found herself in a nude women's portrait
workshop. This experience brought her a sense of such love and compassion and inspired her to begin a project entitled NUMEUCORPO. She photographed over 50 women in their rawest, most natural states - bared of clothing and judgments. In the process, she heard their stories, learned about their traumas and insecurities, and took a close look into their relationships with their bodies - which often mirrored each other's and her own.
Living in Los Angeles since 2017, she continues to capture the essence of individuals and couples in her photos. In her path of self-healing and growth, she began to seek spiritual practices and became a Magnified Healing Practitioner, which gave her a new understanding of her craft.
Simone believes art can heal us and has experienced that in her own healing and growth. She is driven by the desire to help people reconnect with their inner beauty and remember who they are.

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