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 "I’ve known Simone for over five years and still remember the day I discovered she was a photographer. I asked her to take some pictures of me, and she didn’t think twice before grabbing her camera. She has a talent for making you feel comfortable and relaxed, so the next thing I know, I was semi-naked in my apartment, posing with her directions and having a great time! When I saw the photos, I thought, “Wow, who is this woman?” Seriously, she captured me like nobody ever had. I felt proud of myself, powerful, sexy, and beautiful! That was only possible because she knows how to direct you, and shooting with her felt like a meditation. I felt the moment and let things flow, and she would click in all the right moments. I did a second shoot with her when I was pregnant, which was perfect! I couldn’t have imagined such gorgeous photos in my wildest dreams. I am happy I can show them to my daughter one day, and I’m sure she’ll love to know her “aunt Simone took them.”
Simone is a great person and a fantastic photographer. She is super professional and serious about her work, and she is so fun! I couldn’t have had a better experience with her. My favorite photographer and dear friend!"

Nayara Alves

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"Simone is a genuine artist; throughout our photoshoot, I could see her love for her craft. She approached our session with such gentleness and openness, making me feel free to play with movements and poses, go inside, and connect with myself while photographed. She made space for my authentic expression and let me know when to adjust my body's position and facial expressions to make sure she got a great shot without forcing it. She's creative and perceptive, turning even the simplest spaces into beautiful scenarios that inspired me to show different sides of myself. I appreciate her delicate eye and the softness I see in me through the images we created. On top of that, Simone is fun and a joy to be around.
I look forward to shooting with her again!"

Ana Liz

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